The Vineyards

The vineyards of Irpinia are located on steep hills and volcanic soils, creating ideal conditions for growing grape varieties such as Greco di Tufo and Aglianico. The region has a long winemaking tradition and its wines are prized for their distinctive character and elegance.

Among the hills of Irpinia, the beauty of quality wines

Part of our vineyards extend over the fertile hills that
surround the valley of the Calore river, the heart of the Aglianico vine from which it derives
obtains the prized Taurasi wine and the "Vitis Apiana" from which Fiano is obtained
of Avellino
, both counted among the best in Italy. In neighboring municipalities
of Santa Paolina and Tufo instead the Greco vine is grown, the oldest of the
Irpinia tradition from which the homonymous wine is obtained.