The company

Macchie Santa Maria Cantine is a blooming company, just like his founder Oreste De Santis who the precious help of his family and competent winemakers in arder to work with dedication towards the constant quest for quality. Macchie Santa Maria Cantine presents itself as a modern expression of the ancient traditions; the strength of the company is based on modern methods of agricultural production, with particular attention to agronomic innovation and respect for the use of renewable energy facilities to minimize the environmental impact of the company


The origins

The production of wine in the lands of Irpinia is an art that has been handed down for centuries. Since ancient times, the families of the area have cultivated the vineyards for their own personal use, and it is precisely from the tradition of three generations that Macchie Santa Maria Cantine was born in 2010. Today the entrepreneurial spirit and passion of the new generation has skilfully integrated innovative techniques with traditional production methods, bringing the wines of our company to excellence.

The Mission

The main objective set by our company is to continue, as it was for previous generations, the creation of a product faithful to the winemaking traditions of the area that have always been, at the same time supporting the use of the most modern means of processing to ensure the quality and perfect conservation of the wine, passing through the careful aging process of the finest products. All this to make the most of the products linked to the territory and, consequently, what is the quality of "made in Italy" at an international level.