The territory

The company based in the town of Montemiletto, in the green hearth of Irpinia, works with patience towards the selection of the finestland carefully selecting its wine. Part of our wineyeards extend on fertile hills that surround the valley of the river Calore, the hearth of the Aglianico vines from which we get the Taurasi, and of the “ Vitis Apiana” from which we get the Fiano, both appreciated as the best wines of Italy. In the neighboring province of Santa Paolina and Tufo is cultivated instead the Greco vine, one of the oldest for tradition in Avellino from which we obtain the so called wines..





The ancient city of Montemiletto is rooted deeply in the history of Irpinia, in fact, its origins date back to Roman times, being born as an ancient “Castrum”, a permanent Roman legionary fortress, taking hence, its name, from the Latin ‘’Mons Militum” or “Monte dei militari”.

Over the centuries the city has grown and strengthened, becoming, until the present day, one of the most important places of Irpinia food and wine panorama. Our company then pays homage to the ancient origins of his land as giving name to each wine the degree of a Roman army efficer, Empire, with its expansion, featured not only the Irpinia, but the whole world.